Majarvis (majarvis) wrote in jenson_button,

Save Monza!

To sum it up, the Monza circuit in Italy was built in 1922, and is the oldest track on the F1 calendar. It is the modern equivalent of the Circus Maxximus for the Italians, and the spiritual home of Ferrari.

Anyway, two whining families who moved into houses next to the track, obviously built well after its construction, have taken a complaint to Italian court about the noise from the track, and have caused a ruling to shut the track down, cancelling all events in 2006 except for the Formula One Italian Grand Prix, and jeopardizing future events after this year.

A petition has been created, so please, regardless if you're interested in F1 or not, do it for principles sake; how stupid can someone be to move into a house next to a race track, one of the oldest and most storied race tracks in the world, no less, and then complain about noise... ugh...

Article about the story is here:

Petition here:

Thanks :)
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